The Stanford Prison Experiment

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By Martha Cliff for MailOnline. A male model has conducted a social experiment to find out what really makes women swipe right on dating apps. The experiment was compiled by male model Ben Southerst, 29, who went on the dating app Tinder with five different looks to find out which got the most matches from potential female partners. Ben, of Earls Court, London , first posted one profile with a picture of how he really looks with a full head of hair and goatee beard – and gauged the reaction over a week.

Model Ben Southerst created five Tinder profiles to see what ‘look’ would attract the most women on a dating app. He then made digital alterations to the picture and posted four profiles in successive weeks with slightly different looks – heavy beard, clean shaven, thinning hair and almost completely bald on top.

Model conducts Tinder experiment to see what makes women swipe right

Is love blind? Or at the very least, can it be? We live in an age where finding a new partner is as easy as a swipe to the left. Two of the biggest players in the dating game, looks and social media, are totally taken off the table for this experiment.

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Stanford Prison Experiment , a social psychology study in which college students became prisoners or guards in a simulated prison environment. The experiment, funded by the U. It was intended to measure the effect of role-playing, labeling, and social expectations on behaviour over a period of two weeks. However, mistreatment of prisoners escalated so alarmingly that principal investigator Philip G.

Zimbardo terminated the experiment after only six days. Guards were ordered not to physically abuse prisoners and were issued mirrored sunglasses that prevented any eye contact. Prisoners were then subjected to indignities that were intended to simulate the environment of a real-life prison. All participants were observed and videotaped by the experimenters. On only the second day the prisoners staged a rebellion.

My Faith Experiment

By Saul McLeod , updated Zimbardo and his colleagues were interested in finding out whether the brutality reported among guards in American prisons was due to the sadistic personalities of the guards i. For example, prisoner and guards may have personalities which make conflict inevitable, with prisoners lacking respect for law and order and guards being domineering and aggressive.

If you would like to perform the experiment by yourself on a date other than the 20th of March, you can use this simulator to find the exact angle from your school​.

His research in cathode rays led to the discovery of the electron, and he pursued further innovations in atomic structure exploration. Thomson won the Nobel Prize in Physics, among many accolades. Joseph John Thomson, who was always called J. His father was a bookseller who planned for Thomson to be an engineer. When an apprenticeship at an engineering firm couldn’t be found, Thomson was sent to bide his time at Owens College at the age of In , he received a small scholarship to attend Trinity College at Cambridge to study mathematics.

Thomson worked in the Cavendish Laboratory after graduation, under the tutelage of Lord Rayleigh. He was both respected and well-liked, and students came from around the world to study with him.


We investigated experimentally the seasonal role of food supply in brood survival of the European coot Fulica atra. For two breeding seasons, individual pairs were offered supplemental food the first ten days after their young hatched. Under natural conditions this period was largely responsible for the seasonal variation in brood survival.

Our experiment tested three hypotheses: (1) food supply is not involved in breeding success at any date (other factors hypothesis), (2) food supply limits success.

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Zimbardo aborted the experiment early when Christina Maslach, a graduate student in psychology whom he was dating (and later married), objected to the.

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40 Days of Dating – An Experiment Between Friends