Date Masamune: The Mysteries of Sendai’s “One-Eyed Dragon” Come to Life in Tohoku

DL DL. Date Masamune was a figure from the Warring State Period, and has appeared as a popular character in games and animations. Sendai, which was governed by Date, is home to sightseeing spots rich with samurai culture. This article introduces 5 of these sightseeing or historical places related to Date Masamune! Date Masamune was a military commander who opened Sendai to build his base as a feudal lord. Date left behind a number of military exploits, and had extreme influence in the Tohoku region. Since he lost his right eye at a young age, he was given the title of “dokuganryu”, which means one-eyed dragon.

Date Masamune

A brilliant strategist, as head of the clan he established his reputation on the battlefield as he notched military victories. In the decisive Battle of Sekigahara in , Masamune allied with the victorious Tokugawa forces and was later awarded with the lands that were to become the Sendai domain. The Sendai domain ranked third in wealth with , koku , behind only the Maeda clan of the Kaga domain now Ishikawa and Toyama Prefectures with 1 million koku and the Shimazu clan of the Satsuma domain now Kagoshima Prefecture with , koku.

A statue of Date Masamune shows him with both eyes wide open. It is said the warlord directed in his will that he always be depicted this way. Masamune was a cultured and sophisticated man who enjoyed both good food and traditional waka poetry.

Sendai, as it is known today, was founded by the famous Date Masamune. Nicknamed the “The City of Trees,” Sendai still has about 60 Zelkova trees. Many of.

Sendai Tanabata Festival has been passed down through the generations as a traditional event that dates back to the era of Date Masamune, the first lord of Sendai Domain. Today, the festival is known nationwide for its elegance—derived from an ancient Japanese star festival—as well as its gorgeous decorations. Tanabata festivals are traditionally held throughout Japan on July 7, a date based on the old Chinese calendar.

The Sendai Tanabata Festival, however is held from August 6 to 8, based on a calendar that is one month later than the old Chinese calendar, in order to keep to the seasonality of the old festival. During the festival, the entire city—including central Sendai and neighboring shopping districts—is filled with colorful Tanabata decorations.

The festival is visited by more than two million tourists every year. Roads around Sendai City will be congested during the Tanabata Festival. Please use public transportation subway, bus, and taxi as much as possible.

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Be Global Project. Read More. Sendai Tanabata decorations at Tohoku University. Activity Reports. The Global Learning Center plans and conducts programs and activities related to studying abroad, language learning, international exchange, and international students. It also holds events such as seminars, lectures, and official ceremonies.

Sendai, which was governed by Date, is home to sightseeing spots rich with samurai culture. This article introduces 5 of these sightseeing or.

Use the. As the capital of Miyagi Prefecture and the largest city in the northeast of Japan, Sendai is an ideal base for exploring Tohoku. The compact city center allows for easy access to dining and shopping options, while its samurai history is displayed in well-preserved historical sites and architectural treasures. Come and get lost in the beauty and history of Sendai. Sendai is easy to reach from Tokyo by shinkansen or highway bus. There are also daytime and overnight highway bus services from Tokyo Station and Shinjuku Station.

Travel time varies between five and seven hours. Sendai was the closest major city to the epicenter of the earthquake of March 11, The city was founded in by one of Japan’s most powerful feudal lords. Sendai is a green city by the sea, surrounded by mountains.

Sendai virus, the mouse parainfluenza type 1: a longstanding pathogen that remains up-to-date

Short 5 minute walk from Sendai station. Hotel is very nice. Easily would be twice as much to stay here if this hotel were in Tokyo. Value and excellent service. Hotel is not a large hotel with only 9 floors. Room size is about average for Japan.

Radiocarbon Dating Historical Tsunami Deposits from the Sendai Plain, Northeastern Japan: Preliminary Age Model of HS Continuous Soil Sediment Series.

The museum not only features exhib. The city of Sendai is famous for being the gate to Tohoku and having been founded by Date Masamune. Bright lights, big city, shopping, night life, great food. Zuihoden is the mausoleum complex where Date Masamune, lord of the Sendai region who died in , is burried along with his heirs. It is designated a National.

Richmond Hotel Sendai offers free WiFi, a hour reception. It offers a public outdoor bath with hot spring water and rooms with. Discovering the Legendary Date Masamune in Sendai. Cover 2. Would you believe that before Ken Watanabe made it to the silver screen in box office hits like Inception and Last Samurai , he first cut his teeth in the Taiga period drama telling the story of the Date Masamune.

Date is also one of the main characters in the well known anime and videogame series, Sengoku Basara. But why is he such a pop culture icon, and where are the two places most tied to him in Sendai? More than just his impressive visage on the battlefield with the eye-patch and distinctive armor, Date was a skilled tactician and a strategic thinker, which were a couple of the reasons why he aligned with Tokugawa Ieyasu as the Period of Warring states reached its climax.

– Picture of Date Cafe Order, Sendai

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Japanese cities are known for being endlessly chaotic concrete jungles. But far from being just a hub, the city itself has an abundance of history and culture that make rewarding excursions. Catch the subway Tozai and Namboku lines into the city and sample the local delicacy of gyutan grilled beef tongue , a mouthwatering dish that can be found in numerous restaurants around Sendai station.

Photo by: Japanexperterna. To the north, check out the Sendai Daikannon statue towering over the city at meters tall, making it the sixth largest statue on earth. At night, the city comes alive in Kokubuncho, the entertainment district, where you can grab a drink alongside fresh local seafood such as oysters from the coastal towns of Matsushima and Shiogama. Be sure to enter the entertainment district via Jozenji Dori, a street lined with dozens of green trees, that give the city its well-deserved nickname.

While Sendai City may be a bit of a haul from Tokyo, it stands on its own as a vibrant tourism spot and travel hub for the Tohoku region. Inspired to visit Tohoku? From Tokyo take the Tohoku shinkansen line heading to Sendai about 90 minutes. There are five services during the day and one at night. Willer Express also has bus services between Sendai and Tokyo,. Topics: miyagi , Sendai , tohoku. Top Sendai.

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Most of its holdings were contiguous, covering all of present-day Miyagi Prefecture , small portions of southern Iwate Prefecture , and a portion of northeastern Fukushima Prefecture. The domain’s capital, and the ruling family’s castle, were located in what became the modern Sendai City. It constituted the largest domain in northern Japan, with its official income rating at , koku , and one of the largest domains in the entire country, after the Satsuma Domain and Kaga Domain.

Its jitsudaka , or true income level, is said to have been somewhere between one and two million koku. Unlike the nearby Aizu domain, Sendai survived the war largely intact, though with a severely reduced income rating. It was disbanded with the other domains in

Although Sendai City is the largest metropolis in the Tohoku region it is also known as the ‘City of Trees’ due to its abundance of beautiful nature in and around.

Because of considerations for the castle’s defense, Masamune chose to locate his fortifications on Mount Aoba, meters above the town below. In the last years the castle endured the anti-feudal fervor of the Meiji Period , a giant fire in and the carpet bombing of Now all that is left of the castle are remnants of the outer stone walls and a guard tower.

The location’s lookout onto the city below presently serves an aesthetic rather than military role, though a statue of Masamune, armor-clad and horseback, recalls the site’s origins. A museum commemorating Aoba Castle’s history can be viewed on the site. It features models of the castle as it stood in the Edo Period , artifacts from the castle, and a theater that shows a short movie, in Japanese, on the castle.

The prefectural branch shrine of Tokyo ‘s Yasukuni Shrine , called Gokoku Shrine , is also located on the castle’s former foundations. The shrine also has a museum, but does not offer any information in English. The museum focuses on Japan’s modern military history. Within walking distance from the castle are a few other sites of interest. The museum features relics of the Date clan, and presents varying temporary exhibitions. About a kilometer and a half walk south-west from the castle lies Sendai Yagiyama Zoo.

The selection of animals at Yagiyama is impressive for a small zoo, and the tourist to Japan will surely appreciate the section dedicated to local animals.

Gyutan (Beef Tongue)

Biologically speaking, Sendai virus SeV , the murine parainfluenza virus type 1, is perceived as a common respiratory pathogen that is endemic in many rodent colonies throughout the world. Currently it is believed that SeV is the leading cause of pneumonia in mice and together with the mouse hepatitis viruses, is the most prevalent and important of the naturally occurring infections of mice.

The scientific community also considers SeV as the archetype organism of the Paramyxoviridae family because most of the basic biochemical, molecular and biologic properties of the whole family were derived from its own characteristics. Recently, scientific interest for this old pathogen has re-emerged, this time because of its potential value as a vector for gene transfer. This review aimed at drawing an exhaustive picture of this multifaceted pathogen.

Abstract Biologically speaking, Sendai virus SeV , the murine parainfluenza virus type 1, is perceived as a common respiratory pathogen that is endemic in many rodent colonies throughout the world.

The new date is September 27 (Mon) – October 2 (Sat), The sessions of the conference will not be shortened. Additionally, the venue, Sendai International.

A must-see! Constructed as a mansion for Date clan aristocracy, it was used as a residence until the end of the war. Approximately hours including time for bathing in the hot spring. For individuals or small groups we can pick you up by car from your hotel, Sendai Airport, a train station, or a tourist attraction of your choice. For larger groups we can pick you up by shuttle bus.

Door-to-door transportation service available from 1 person or more in the evening, 8 people or more in the afternoon. Upon arriving to the Shoukeikaku residence, relax your body and spirit in the adjacent hot spring or enjoy an after-meal dip instead. Next a staff member will guide you around the traditional mansion and point out the best photo spots. After that, dig into a leisurely meal of seasonal ingredients paired with local Miyagi sake or wine.

Make sure to try on the replica samurai armor or kimono for the perfect souvenir photo. Finally, use the free drop-off service to your desired location such as hotel. Please inquire for details. We can pick you up at a tourist location and return you to your hotel if desired. Please enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of Sendai nobles at your own pace without being rushed.

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Sendai, a beautiful city surrounded by rich nature, flourished thanks to a commander: Date Masamune years ago. He is famous for his strategy and tactics.

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Most travel to this country is restricted. Restrictions may also be in place for other modes of transport. More details. Get driving directions. Mode details. Yes, the driving distance between Sendai to Date is 72 km.