We never sell or give out your contact information. We respect our readers’ privacy. The chemistry between the two was there. I felt that Cyrus slipped up a couple of times here and there… and consequently it felt like Eliana was covering for him here and there… but other than that I really like how this came out. As one of the judges mentioned sometimes it felt like two solos that just happen to be dancing in the same space. I felt myself watching George far more than Tiffany so this piece did him justice. Instead I found myself watching Will at times more than Amelia, which I thought was disappointing.

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The bar has been set sky high. The stakes were high as Lythgoe announced that not two, but four, dancers would be eliminated next week: two girls and two guys. After their powerful Christopher Scott-choreographed opening number, the pairing of the top 10 female dancers with the top 10 male dancers was revealed, and the show was underway. Although this season brings one of the most diverse groups of dancers together, some fared better than others in their debut partnerships:.

Dance Fashion · Dance Art · Pole Dance. Top 20 contestants Audrey Case and Matthew Kazmierczak perform a Contemporary routine to “Unchained Melody.

For the first time in nine seasons, contestants were allowed to choose their own groups for the group choreography round, in contrast to previous seasons where the groups were assigned. With cuts made following each round of choreography, thirty-five dancers remained at the close of the week, prior to the selection of the Top In January , Fox announced that So You Think You Can Dance would be returning for its ninth season in a format similar to that seen in season one; a single two-hour episode per week, eliminating each week’s results show.

This contrasts with the season one format where judges would nominate a bottom three couples and home viewers would vote out two dancers, the results being pre-taped and shown at the beginning of the next week’s episode. Lythgoe also hinted at which elements of the results show were likely to be carried over into the new format, suggesting the group and guest dance routines would be shown priority over guest musical acts. These above changes all proved to be in place once the season’s performance shows began airing but were also accompanied by a number of other format tweaks.

These additional changes most notably include the fact that the season will crown two winners one male and one female and that voting for individual dancers as opposed to couples began with the first week of the Top 20 competition with GO-HIM for the guys and GO-HER for the girls as opposed to halfway through the performance show phase, as in previous seasons. Additionally there have been tweaks to the format of the “dance for your life” solos, the last chance efforts which dancers are given to impress judges and remain in the competition if the at-home-viewer votes put them in the bottom 6 dancers.

In previous seasons, all dancers who were in danger of elimination were automatically assigned to perform such solos but in season 9 the judges, taking into advisement the dancers’ previous performances and the advice of the choreographers who have worked with them, will decide each week which if any dancers will perform solos.

For example, in Week 2, the first week of the competition to feature eliminations in this case a double elimination , the judges decided which two of the six dancers in danger they wished to save without asking for additional solos. The ninth season is also the first in which dancers have been able to exert some control over the styles they dance for their duets; Lythgoe revealed during the week 3 performances that during this season couples are given the ability to pick their styles from the pool of available routines for a given week, with the order of choosing determined by drawing lots.

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Jose Manuel Martin Dockx, of Spain, riding Grandioso / Audrey Case Schneider of Germany riding Diva Royal / Matthew Kazmierczak.

It’s a joyous occasion for whoever wins, but And though the Fox summer hit only aired once a week in its ninth season, the usual magic applied. Plus, now that all has been said and danced, as promised we’ve got two winners for a change! You get our drift. This finale kicked off, as usual, with the entire top 20 returning to dance a brand new group number, this one by Sonya Tayeh and Christopher Scott , so it was angsty and raw in each choreographer’s respective ways.

Then it was on to repeat performances of the judges’ favorite numbers, from Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo ‘s jazzy hip-hop routine “Love Cats” there were only a couple of NappyTabs dances early this season—maternity leave, wouldn’t you know! As tends to be the case, however, it was the redo of Tyce Diorio ‘s when he does contemporary, he makes people cry Holocaust tribute “Eli, Eli” with Cheon and all-star Kathryn McCormick.

Miss the America’s Got Talent finale? We’ve got a recap!

So You Think You Can Dance 9 Spoilers – Top 30/20 (VIDEO)

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Unfortunately, we actually found her to be one of the dullest guest judges the show has had to date. She is in many ways the Ryan Ramirez of this season — everyone will know her going into the live shows, but that does not mean they will vote. Lindsay Arnold — However, they both ended up staying put! There are more ballroom dancers this season than there were at this point last season, and considering that none of them lasted long last year, we could ultimately see ballroom rear its head far more often in Audrey Case — Another jazz dancer made it through!

Audrey was particularly nervous after she saw Tiffany who has a similar look make it through, but this was the same sort of situation we saw earlier with Whitney and Lindsay. Janelle Isis — While we still wish our krumper Mariah Spears made this list, we are pleased that Janelle is the first bellydancer to make it into the top 20 on this show. Janaya French — This may just be us, but was there any reason for Janaya to scream that she was in the top 20 when there were only three people left in the room to hear it?

George Lawrence II — He was a standout in Atlanta, and at this point we have to consider him a favorite to win this whole competition. Daniel Baker -The ballet dancer breezed through Las Vegas without a problem, and for him making it to the top 20 felt like a necessity after putting his career on hold for this show. Can we start calling him Cheon-Bot? Dareian Kujawa — Now, the trend of forgettable guys is over!

So You Think You Can Dance Better Than These Olympic Dressage Horses?

The Fox summer competition popularizes dance — something the art form desperately needs — but at the same time, it reduces it to a sideshow with shallow routines that aim to make quick hits on pyrotechnics. Certainly, the diverse crowd that cheered at the Palace knows that dance, like music, is a universal language. This is my fondest hope. Better still, they look to be having great fun. Wespi-Tschopp, along with Eliana Girard, stand out among the cast, mainly because they are ballet-trained, indisputably the best overall training for any dancer.

Top 20 contestants Audrey Case and Matthew Kazmierczak perform a Contemporary routine to “Unchained Melody. Saved from Best Dance · Speed Dating.

Your input will affect cover photo selection, along with input from other users. As of , he was a choreographer for the show earning Emmy nominations every year from ; and winning twice. Wall was born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. His professional career officially started at the age of nine when he appeared in a Dr. Pepper commercial. Wall was praised by the judges as the most technically talented dancer in the competition.

‘so you think you can dance’ top 20 nail first live show

Get out of here! A lot of the credit goes to Chehon, whose quality of movement was astonishing and whose torso really looks amazing under a blue light. Witney, though, had an amazing night, too. Is it just me?

Sytycd matt kazmierczak girlfriend activation. witney carson and chehon wespitschopp audrey case and matthew kazmierczak eliana girard and cyrus relationship with girlfriend boyfriend but without all the baggage that comes with dating.

Hip Hop Lyrics. Thinking Of You. Thinking About You. View this Pin. Will with Kathryn – Bollywood. Spinning Top. Crop Tee. Find this Pin and more on dance,dance,dance by Jenielle Phelps. Latin Dance. Dance Music. Love Dance. Baile Latino.

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And the remaining 14 dancers faced a truly Olympian challenge: recreating and, ideally, even topping the iconic routines of “SYTYCD’s” most beloved genius choreographer, Madame Mia Michaels, as originally danced by some of the series’ most beloved contestants like Katee Shean, Twitch Boss, even Travis Wall. So the pressure was on. Anything less than total murderation would basically be unacceptable. So, did any of the top 14 finalists improve upon any of this week’s seven Mia-revisited routines?

6. Audrey Case (Contemporary/Jazz) Matthew Kazmierczak (Contemporary) Nick Bloxsom-Carter (Ballroom) Recap and Videos. Next. So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Got Talent – Finale Dates.

We chatted for a while about the tour, his future plans, his challenges on the show, my life, his family, etc. He is an incredibly inspiring and beautiful dancer and it was awesome to get to know him outside of the show. Reblog – 7 years ago via lovinggdance-blog with 40 notes. Reblog – 7 years ago via travisjculver with 14 notes. Chehon and Noelle again……. Am I the only one who thinks their dating or something? Reblog – 7 years ago with 10 notes Chehon Wespi-Tschopp noelle marsh sytycd.

Drawing of the Top 4 done by Kamcire on twitter Reblog – 7 years ago with 9 notes Chehon Wespi-Tschopp tiffany maher eliana girard Cyrus Spencer sytycd.

SYTYCD Week 4: A Spotlight on Mia Michaels Choreography

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Dancers: Matthew & Audrey Matthew Kazmierczak: Damien Rice – “Delicate” Delicate – O (Deluxe Version) Audrey Case Matthew Kazmierczak. The Jazz, though the strongest to date, was still pretty unremarkable in my mind though I​.

By Stephanie Wolf. After a two-week hiatus, So You Think You Can Dance returns to Wednesday nights with a special evening devoted entirely to the choreographic work of three-time Emmy Award-winner Mia Michaels , showcasing her best routines from the past eight seasons. This may be the most relevant episode to date. These dances have been created on other dancers and possibly already have been performed dozens of times.

Therefore, part of being a professional dancer is learning how to bring a piece of oneself to a restaged piece—maintaining the essence of the choreography, but breathing new creative energy and vigor into it. Additionally, guest judges Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt , the BalletBoyz , brought a completely new perspective to the show.

Once again, Eliana, whose winged eyeliner and beehive give her an Amy Winehouse-inspired edge, outshines Cyrus. George has some breakthroughs, but, overall, the routine is over-performed. Tiffany is overzealous in her performance, which is admirable but detracting. Please, more up-dos! The two contemporary dancers have great chemistry, but this is not the best routine for them.

They have big dancing shoes to fill and Nigel is disappointed. Dareian shows some great moments of athleticism—including a few high propelling moves—but, ultimately, the routine falls flat on the mattress.

Audrey Case & Matthew Kazmierczak